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You will lose 4 to 10 pounds of fat the very first week on our weight loss program, 25 to 40 pounds in the next 90 days. You will Re-shape your body with tight hard muscle, increase your energy while improving your health. By combining our High Intensity weight training program with our Super fat Burning nutrition plan (both may be purchased separately) you will burn fat and build muscle faster than any other program.
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We have rates as low as $20 per session (training with a partner). Train with Arizona’s best personal trainers! Low monthly payment plans are now available. To see all of our rates Click Here.

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Our 7000 sq ft studio contains a large private gym with over 50 Nautilus, Life fitness and Cybex exercise machines, free weights and exercise stations. We also have men’s and women’s locker rooms, Cardio Room, Comfortable waiting area with TV and a discount Health Food Store.

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If you are ready to make the change call us now at 602 955 2890. We offer a complementary trial workout session to anyone who is serious about making a commitment. Click here for your free session coupon.


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Free shake class every evening at 7:15pm. Call ahead to reserve your spot and learn how to make the world’s most complete meal replacement smoothie!

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” I have been working out with Larry and his staff, and following his diet plan for 6 months, and the results are unbelievable! I have lost 35 pounds, and totally changed my body. At 54 years of age I feel like the clock has been turned back about 20 years. I am much leaner and stronger, and have lots more energy than I have had in years. Friends tell me I look 10 years younger! All of the trainers are great, and really keep me motivated. The Super Shake diet plan is easy to follow, tastes great, and I am never hungry. I have worked out at a lot of gyms, and with a lot of trainers over the years, and I can say without reservation that Larry Reynolds and his staff are the best by far! If you are ready to make some real positive changes to your body (and life in general!), I strongly recommend you give Larry a call and get started right away!? “

Phillip C

Personal Training in WEIGHT LOSS, Fitness, HIT Bodybuilding, Sports and Strength Training.

We have been getting the best results (see over 50 before and after photos) for the lowest cost since 1965. Train with a partner or small group to save even more!

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” I’m still a work in progress, but I’ve lost 50 pounds so far…fifteen pounds the first month! I love this program, it is so easy! The trainers are all very supportive, the shakes are wonderful and the price is definitely affordable. My energy is way up and I feel good all the time. I would definitely recommend Larry’s program to everyone, it really works!”

Kolleen G



Since 1965 Larry Reynolds and his staff of personal trainers have helped thousands of men and women of all ages reach their health, fitness and weight loss goals. As the most recognized personal trainer in Arizona, Larry’s mission has always been FAST, LASTING RESULTS at a cost that is affordable to the client. Larry believes in taking the HOLISTIC approach. By combining nutrition with core and weight training, clients will lose weight as fast as possible. Clients will also experience
great improvements to their health as well as anti-aging. At sixty-five years young Larry Reynolds is living proof that his programs of nutrition and weight-training really work.

“My programs are fun, easy and very affordable. With One on One personal training sessions as low as $20.00! Why pay more? My clients always experience fast and lasting results! Do you have a wedding, class reunion, or a vacation coming up? Perhaps you put on too much weight with your last baby, or maybe you are just tired of looking and feeling bad all the time. Whatever your health and fitness needs may be, CALL US TODAY! We will get you in top shape FAST and show you how to stay in shape for life.”

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Most clients will lose 12-20 lbs or more in the first 30 days of training!


Some of the positive results that my clients have reported over the years are:


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Our clients come from every corner of the valley because they GET RESULTS and SAVE MONEY!

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