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Udo's Oil , Panacea liquid vitamins , Catie's Vitamin C , Life extension fiber and CLA low-carbohydrate diet


The healthiest and most effective fat burning diet on the planet

Containing seven of the worlds best nutritional supplements.

  1. 100% Whey Protein powder
  2. 100% Egg Isolate Protein powder
  3. Fiber Powder (a blend of 3 powerful fibers)
  4. CLA caps (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
  5. Catie’s Vitamin C Plus
  6. Udo’s Choice Oil Blend (a blend of 10 unrefined oils containing Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids)
  7. Total 24/7 A multivitamin containing a concentration of over 70 different vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and nutrients.
  8. Pure Organic Cinnamon

    All of the supplements except the CLA capsules go into a very delicious fruit smoothie made with ice cold water and frozen berries. Simply replace two meals a day with two fruit smoothies, eat one solid food meal (this meal may be eaten in a restaurant if you desire) and three snacks each day. This Diet is very easy to follow and very effective. No cooking, no exotic recipes, no counting calories, no measuring food, and no hunger (the food that you are allowed, you may eat until you are satisfied).


  • My average client will lose twelve to twenty pounds and reduce their waist and hips by 2 inches in the first thirty days.
  • This nutritional program will increase strength, muscularity, energy, and greatly improve every area of your health.
  • My clients report more energy in less than one week
  • Cholesterol, triglycerides and homosystene levels are lowered dramatically, often in only 30 days!
  • The program will also lower high blood pressure.
  • Clients report that they can think more clearly, as the diet will also clear up brain fog.
  • The diet may help prevent cancer, diabetes, heart, and many other diseases.
  • The program (diet and exercise) has a very powerful ANTI-AGING effect.
  • Older clients will look and feel 10 years younger in as little as 90 days!

    These are just a few of the many benefits that you will experience while on this program!


Bodybuilders and underweight clients will also benefit from using the shakes. To gain, clients simply mix the shakes with half-and-half and add
frozen banana pieces. Drink the shakes in-between meals and after workouts, get plenty of rest, and avoid stress as much as possible. Several of my clients have
added as much as 25 lb. of muscle in only 90 days!


You will save from $100 to $300 a month on food while on my program. The two meal replacement shakes cost a total of $9.00 a day. That’s two
perfect meals each day for only $9.00.


Every day you take two delicious shakes in place of two of your basic meals, eat one solid food meal which may be taken in a restaurant if
you like, and three snacks; midmorning, midafternoon, and before bed. Popular snacks include:

  • deviled eggs
  • hard cheese
  • mixed nuts
  • slices of beef, chicken, or ham
  • Also, ask about our healthy ready-to-eat snacks offered at our store!


If you consume Alcohol on a daily bases, one or two low carbohydrate adult beverages each day are permitted.


Once a week you may have up to three cheat snacks on your cheat day! Pizza, ice cream, candy, bread, or a couple of extra drinks… whatever
you want. YOU MUST GO THE FIRST TWO WEEKS WITHOUT A CHEAT DAY. The first two weeks is the induction phase of the program. Many of my clients
will not take a cheat day because they have already lost their addiction to the sugar and starch that has made them fat and tired in the past, and because
they have already lost a substantial amount of weight and don’t want to take a chance of slowing things down. The cheat day acts as a
REWARD DAY. You are good for six days (no cheating); you reward yourself on the seventh.


For several years now we have been mailing our diet package and nutritional supplements to all parts of the country. Just choose the plan you
wish to use, one month or three months (see products and cost listed below). When you call, tell us how you want us to send your products, and we will tell
you how much to add for postage. Products are usually shipped within 24 hours of an order. Complete instructions are included with each diet.


You may order them individually or as a complete package

The Full Diet – (makes 60 meals each month!)
$261.35 + Shipping/Handling
1 MONTH Retail Our Price
2lb Vitalabs Egg Protein $49.95 $44.95
2lb Vitalabs Whey Protein $44.95 $44.95
Udo’s Oil Blend (32oz) $39.75 $39.00
Total 24/7 Multi Vitamin $59.95 $47.95
Yerba Prima Fiber Powder $15.95 $14.95
Catie’s Vitamin C Plus $39.95 $36.95
CLA Caps $36.95 $29.60
Cinnamon Powder $4.95 $3.00
Total: $292.40 $261.35

Buy a 3 months supply and additional 7% off!
$729.17+ Shipping/Handling
3 MONTHS Retail Our Price Total
(3) 2lb Vitalabs Egg Protein 3x $49.95 3x $44.95 $134.85
(3) 2lb Vitalabs Whey Protein 3x $44.95 3x $44.95 $134.85
(3) Udo’s Oil Blend (32oz) 3x $39.75 3x $39.00 $117.00
Total 24/7 Multi Vitamin
3x $59.95 3x $47.95 $143.85
(3) Yerba Prima Fiber Powder 3x $15.95 3x $14.95 $44.85
(3) Catie’s Vitamin C Plus 3x $39.95 3x $36.95 $110.85
(3) CLA Caps 3x $36.95 3x $29.60 $88.80
(3) Cinnamon Powder 3x $4.95 3x $3.00 $9.00
7% Discount  





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