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New… Phone Consultation with Larry

1/2 hour $60.00 … 1 hour $100.00

Larry Reynolds during phone consultation diet plan exercise and low carb body fat

Take advantage of my 50 years experience in weight training, bodybuilding and nutrition.

Now everyone can get the same life changing information on fat burning, muscle building, and fitness that I have been sharing with my clients for over 40 years.


I can give you a super high intensity routine over the phone, explain each exercise and teach you all the little tricks that I’ve learned to give you the best and most productive workout that you have ever had. You’ll break through stubborn sticking points fast. Many think that they are doing High Intensity Training until they try one of these routines.

Bodybuilding nutrition

Bodybuilding Magazines are in business to sell supplements.
Are you confused by articles that contradict each other month after month? Low fat, low carb, which way should I go? Should I take creatine or not? How much protein do I really need to build maximum muscle?

Larry's one on one personal training and nutrition consultations are no pressure, extremely informative, and best of all FREE! best personal trainer in phoenix, az arizona

I will answer all your bodybuilding nutrition questions and suggest a diet and supplements that will work for you.

Weight loss

For the first time ever I am offering my super fat burning diet system to everyone everywhere. See details and info on how you can order viagra the diet responsible for the thousands of success stories I’ve produced over the years on Larry’s super fat burning diet plan. Whether or not you purchase my plan, I can get you started in the right direction for successful weight loss. I’ll tell you the truth about gaining fat and the fastest, healthiest ways to get it off and keep it off.

Q and A

Some of you may just want to call and throw questions at me on a variety of bodybuilding related subjects. Go for it! I’ve literally read thousands of BB magazines and hundreds of books on BB and nutrition, and have personally trained over 10,000 men and women of all ages during the past 42 years right here in Phoenix Arizona, both as a successful gym owner and through my personal training studio.

Schedule a Consultation

Just give me a call here at my studio, 9am – 8:30pm

At that time we will make an appointment for you to call back at a time that I can devote all my attention to you. Also during your first call I will give you a list of information that you should have ready for the consultation. Having that info ready will save you time and money. Example: make a list of everything that you have eaten for the past 3 days. Or write down your last chest, back and arm workout.

At this time I will also take your credit card over the phone for the amount of time scheduled for the phone consultation.

The results that I am getting with my clients is so dramatic that many people have accused me of not using the same person for both the before and after photo. That is the highest complement that can be paid to a personal fitness trainer. I would like to be your Personal Trainer, and help you get the same unbelievable results.

So if you live too far to train with me
in person, let’s do it by phone.


Call me today and get started on your
new health and fitness lifestyle.
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