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“I dropped 22 lbs in 30 days
on Larry’s program!
I experienced more energy
from day two. This program would
be good for
men or women of any age.”

– Dan Caruso, M.D.
Director Arizona Burn and Trauma centers

I have lost 60 lbs, 10 % body fat and 13 inches off my waist.

Dear Larry,

I just wanted to share with you the wonderful experience I’ve had coming to Larry Reynolds Personal Training. I feel like since I first stepped in the door my life has been getting better and better every day. I have made so many improvements in myself, (far more then I had originally anticipated) and my life has improved in every way possible because of that.

I can hardly believe it has been a year since I started the program. I have lost 60 lbs, 10 % body fat and 13 inches off my waist.

I find the diet really easy to follow and incorporate into my daily life. I rarely use my cheat day because of how fulfilling the diet is. I love making the shakes. It is such a great meal. They leave me satisfied and energize me throughout the day. I look forward to the workouts and am stronger than I ever thought possible! I feel like I have a challenging workout every single session.

I have been continually supported and encouraged throughout this journey by your wonderful staff, especially Brandon, Taylor and Rey. All of the trainers know what they are doing, have a passion for their industry and are truly some of the nicest guys I have ever met. Everyone has been so wonderful to me since day one, reassuring me, answering questions, offering pointers and suggestions. I am sure I could find a diet and exercise program a lot of places, but it is the trainers that make Larry Reynolds such a unique and successful company.

Beyond the physical changes, my self esteem has changed a lot as well. For me, this is the most valuable thing I have taken from this experience. I never thought or expected to accomplish what I have. When I first signed up at Larry Reynolds, I gathered some older, more svelte, photos of myself for motivation. I passed my goal and am thinner and healthier now than I was in the photos. This achievement has given me the confidence to make positive changes in other areas of my life as well.

I could talk about how wonderful the program and people are for pages and pages but just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone at Larry Reynolds Personal Training!

Theresa Sarna

John B. lost 40 pounds and 9 inches off his waist in 90 Days


After 90 days on your program, I feel like a new person.When I came into your place to see what it was about, I was sceptical about it as I am not a fan of supplements. Being overweight and feeling tired all the time was not much fun, so I decided to give it a shot. It was very easy to adjust to the diet and I enjoy the shakes. The workouts are enjoyable and leave me feeling full of energy.

The 90 days seemed to fly by and the results kept getting better. As I was losing weight I started buying smaller clothes only to have to buy levitra more as I lost more. That is a problem I am happy to have. My energy level & stamina have increased tremendously allowing me to do many more things, such as helping coach my sons little league team, hike the Grand Canyon (with 11″ of snow at the top!) I feel much better than I thought was possible.

Your trainers help to keep me motivated and working hard. After finishing the 90 day program, I have lost 40 pounds, 9 inches off of my waist and 10% body fat.

Achieving such great results has encouraged me to sign up for another 90 days.


John Blue

Client Loses 31 Pounds, Stops Snoring!


After just 8 weeks of training with Larry and his trainers I have lost 31 pounds. My energy level has skyrocketed. I look and feel better, my sleep is much better and my snoring has stopped (my wife is thrilled). Many of my customers and friends have complimented me on my new, healthier look. I have gotten these results by working out with Larry’s trainers 3 times a week, not missing any workouts, strictly following Larry’s diet plan, and doing only 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise on off days. I believe that Larry’s program is the best way to lose weight and gain strength in the shortest amount of time. Larry, feel free to use this testimonial in any way you would like. Thanks to you and your trainers for your help with my workout program.

Tim P.

Client Eliminates Insulin Dependence


I would like to thank you for improving my quality of life; you see, I am diabetic. I have been on your program for about 5 months and my doctor is very pleased with the results, as I am. A-1-C is a blood sugar check “with a memory”. It tells your average blood sugar for the past two or three months. When I started your program my level was 11. Three months later it was down to 9. Just this week my doctor called to let me know it was a 6.6. Seven is the target number to be under. I have not had a reading this low since first being diagnosed with diabetes 7 years ago. The best part is that I am no longer dependent on the 60 units of insulin (2 shots) a day I had to give myself. Thanks to you, and your trainers and a little hard work on my part, my outlook on living a healthy(diabetic complication free), lifestyle is better than ever.

Ramon G.

Immediate Results

Hi Larry – Some comments about your business…

My wife and I joined the Larry Reynolds Personal Training Program a week ago. I lost seven pounds and my wife has lost five pounds after the first week. We are very impressed with the facilities at the gym and have great workouts with the trainers. Larry has a great staff, with trainers that make the workouts challenging and effective. We have been very happy with the results during our first week and look forward to each visit.

Jason & Shaad Swim

Losing 60 lbs. Changed My Life

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate you, your trainers, and the program you offer. When I came to you I was in such poor physical shape that I literally had to stretch my legs out to begin walking after standing up from a sitting position. I could not bend over and pick up anything from the floor without first dropping down to one knee. In the first two weeks, following your diet plan and working out 3 nights per week with your trainers, I dropped 19 pounds and was off to the races! After following your program for 6 1/2 months I have lost a total of 60 lbs. And feel better than I have in over 20 years. I no longer have any difficulty bending over and my knees are back to normal. In addition, I breathe much easier than before, I have more energy, and have even stopped snoring!
Thank you for introducing me to a truly life altering program.

Dan Browning

Life Changes for the Whole Family

Dear Larry & Staff,

You guys are FABULOUS!

In the first 3 months of being on your diet and exercise program, I saw a remarkable change in my body! Not only did I notice it, but my parents were so impressed with the change that it prompted them to begin the diet and embark on exercise programs for the first time in several years! They, like myself, experienced weight loss, increased energy and an overall sense of just “feeling better” within a very short period of time!

I have now been a part of your program for a year and I cannot believe the changes it has brought to my life! Not only does my body look better than it ever has, but I feel remarkably better. Before starting the shakes and your exercise regime, I always thought I felt good because I didn’t know anything different. Now, I realize the true value of nutrition and exercise and how amazing you can feel!

Thank you all so much for improving my body and my health and introducing me (and my parents) to a better quality of life!

You’re the BEST!

Angie Bilbao

Client Looses 20 Lbs and 4 Inches off waist

Larry, I just wanted to drop you a quick letter to let you know how extremely satisfied I am with your program. In only a few short months following your program, my results have been absolutely life changing. I have lost a total of 20lbs, 4% body fat, and 4 inches from my waist, and still have a month left of the program to lose even more! There are so many other health benefits that I’ve noticed, here are a few I would like to share with you. I no longer snore at night, I used to snore every night very loud. My skin feels and looks healthier, hands and feet used to be bloated, that’s entirely gone. My stamina and energy has increased 100%. I find myself being very alert and awake all day long, with energy well into the evening. Before working out with you I couldn’t run on the treadmill for more than 10 minutes without getting winded. After working out with you for 2 months I got back on the treadmill and ran for 40 minutes with absolutely no problem. I feel great and just want to say thank you to you and your team of trainers for making such a huge impact on my life.

Many thanks,
Kevin Abbott

Client loses 36lbs in 4 months

Dear Larry and Brandon,

Here it is, the beginning of a new year and it is the beginning of my 4th month working out at your gym. Boy, I should really be mad at you guys. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing in my closet fits me anymore. I have lost 36 pounds, 7 1/2 inches from my waist and about 6% body fat and it appears that I put on some lean muscle. Now I know you say you can do a cheat day, but I haven’t taken one and have stayed rigidly on the eating and supplement program. It’s all about discipline!! I will be 65 years old at the end of February and this is the best I have looked in many, many years. I am 3 pounds from my goal to reach 185 pounds and to look good for my youngest son’s wedding on February 24th and not to be as heavy at 65 as I was starting out at 229 pounds. Brandon, you have been especially encouraging during the past 3 months as we have talked about my goals and progress and have answered all my concerns and questions along the way. The Trainers are an important part of my success so far in that they have been understanding of my various Marine Corps and sports injuries that I have with my knees, back, elbows and shoulders and have strived to tailor my work outs to limit any further injuries. The work outs are intense, but not Marine boot camp style. And as a former Marine, I know about that. My hat is off especially to Travis and to Taylor, Alex, Mark, Rey, Zack, John, Mike and Beau for their understanding and help. Lastly, but certainly not any less important, is that I have lowered my Cholesterol readings, my skin is better, and one of the first things I started to notice was that I don’t have any hair in my hair brush anymore. Just like Larry said should happen!

Ken Buvala

Client takes 17 inches off!

During my time on Larry’s program I have taken over 7% off of my body fat, lost 25 pounds, and increased my strength dramatically. I have also replaced a total of 17 inches of fat on my body with lean muscle. Since starting this program my energy level has risen to new heights and I look and feel better than I have in years! Larry, Brandon , and all the trainers have helped me build a new, healthier, lifestyle that is going to help me maintain the body I’ve earned for the rest of my life. These trainers are the best I’ve ever met. My workouts are always fun and consistently challenging. I always find myself looking forward to each and every workout. The front desk staff is also incredible. They are always helpful and have been there to answer every question I’ve had along the way. Everyone is simply awesome.

Thank you!

I’ve lost 17 pounds in my first two weeks!

Larry I am writing because of the great results I have seen in the first two weeks on your program. In just five work outs, I’ve lost 17lbs. My wife says she can see my body changing shape already! I have more energy and feel much better. Before I started I didn’t think I could follow a diet and workout regiment, but your staff made it simple. The meal plan allows me to eat delicious foods that make it easy to stay on the diet. Working out with your staff is inspiring and challenging. Let me thank you and your staff for results beyond my wildest hopes.

David Clark

I lost 30 pounds in less than 90 days on Larry’s program!

For the longest time I tried to diet on my own. I’d do well for a few days and then somehow find myself right where I started. I finally came to a point where I knew I needed help. Someone not only to answer to, but to guide me step by step through the weight-loss process. A friend of mine referred me to Larry. I scheduled a consultation with Brandon and was immediately impressed by everything Larry’s program had to offer. The weight training was fun but challenging, and the diet was so easy to follow. The first few weeks were an adjustment, but soon after starting I was looking and feeling better than ever. In just under three months I have lost 30 pounds and over 6 inches off of my waist! Looking at my before and after pictures I can’t believe it’s the same person.

Sonja C.

I have lost over 60 lbs and an incredible 12 inches off my waist

I feel better now more than ever. I have energy to spare and my body and life are changing for the better every single day. Before coming to Larry’s I had joined a “”big box gym”” and was working my butt off for a couple of months with little results, which was very disappointing.

I knew I needed something better. I looked up Larry’s program on the web and called to make an appointment. Brandon got me in the next day. I will admit at first I was pretty intimidated by the whole personal training aspect but when I arrived at my appointment Brandon he showed me around and we talked about where I wanted to be and how Larry’s Program could help me get there. He was very informative and a total professional. Within a couple of minutes of talking with Brandon I stopped feeling intimidated and felt that I could have success here. We talked about my goals and he reassured me that, with effort, we could achieve them.

When Larry and I sat down and talked, I was taken in by his passion and conviction in the program. I knew then that he was the real deal and this was the place for me. Everything they told me is 100% true and the program works period! What they said would happen started happening immediatly and my body was changing daily.

Today, I look much better, I feel terrific, my confidence is huge, and all my friends, family, and business associates have noticed the amazing changes as well. It is great and I am loving it!!

Every aspect of this program is great. I love the gym, the size is perfect, the equipment is good, it’s never crowded and it’s a comfortable place to work out.

The diet is a breeze. I eat a lot more often so I am never hungry and I don’t have any cravings for all the junk I was putting in my body before. The first week was pretty tough adjusting but after that it is an easy routine. I don’t see it as a diet anymore its more of a new way of eating.

I can’t say enough about the trainers. These guys are the best! Every one I have been fortunate enough to train with is very good at what they do. They are professional guys with nothing but positive energy and they really want to see me succeed. There is still a little ways to go to reach my goal but I know without a doubt that I will be there very soon.

I’d just like to say “Thank you” to Larry and his staff for making this a successful and very rewarding experience for me.


Client loses over 20 pounds, 4 inches off waist on quest to fit into Wedding Dress.

Larry & Brandon,

I just wanted to express how very grateful I am that I found you and all of the trainers. My dreams are coming true and I will soon have the body that I have dreamed of as well. This all started in January 2006 when I had major back surgery. Unfortunately during my recovery I gained quite a bit of weight (40 lbs). During my surgical recovery my boyfriend proposed to my surprise and excitement. I said yes and then started to worry about fitting into a wedding dress.

Once I was finally released from the doctor to exercise I started my search for a personal trainer and found Larry Reynolds. I signed up for the six month program bound and determined to lose the weight, strengthen my back and become the person I saw in my head, but not in the mirror.

Only 3 months into my program Larry and his staff made me cry while I was trying on the sample of the wedding dress I bought. When I bought the dress I had to order two sizes larger than the sample because I could only get it zipped to just below my waist (not very far) but this time it almost made it to the top. I was so amazed, excited, and joyful I just broke into tears – tears of joy of course. The following Friday, I decided to try on an outfit I last wore a few weeks prior to my surgery and it fit!

I have come to look forward to my workouts – the staff is always encouraging. This program works and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you Larry, Brandon and the rest of the trainers – you guys are the best!!!!!

Michelle Muir
Getting Married October 26, 2007

Client loses 11 pounds in just 1 week!


Just wanted to share my incredible results with you. After strictly following your nutritional/personal training program for only 1 week, I lost 11 pounds! By the end of the second week, I had lost a total of 14 pounds, and went down 2 pants sizes! Incredible!

Jim Nielson

Client loses 24 Lbs

Wow…..was not only down a pound from last week..I am down 4 from last week!!!!!…putting me at 24 pounds off in just over 10 weeks.(it was 10 weeks last Saturday)……Am pretty excited…..

Amy North

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