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(Result Photos have in NO WAY been altered. Originals are kept on file in our studio.)

Theresa before and after photo. fast results

Theresa: Looking younger after only 6 months
Bill before and after. Fat loss and strength gains

Bill: Changed his whole physique in 90 days
Angel before and after photo. Gained 25 lbs of muscle through high intensity strength 

Angel gained 25 lbs of lean muscle in 90 days.
Jarret Before and after photo, gain weight through weight training

Jarrett Gained 15 lbs in 7 weeks
Roy before and after photo phoenix reduced waist size, lost weight, and 
			gained muscle

Roy – Phoenix Reduced his waist 6 inches in 90 days!
Al K before and after photo, incredible fat loss weight loss and toning

Al K. of Phoenix lost over 50 lbs and

reduced his waist by almost 10 inches! You can too!
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